Swimming Pool Design

Custom Swimming Pool Design Available in Leesburg, Ashburn, Great Falls, Mclean, Arlington, Northern Virginia and Washington DC.
With possible options including overflow edges, sun shelves, spas with hydrotherapy jets, swim up bars and more we can design your swimming pool to be a custom oasis you’ll never want to leave.

Pool Designs and Installation in Northern Virginia

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Swimming Pool Design – Site Analysis

Location – One important aspect of your custom swimming pool design is deciding the best location to build a pool in your backyard. When deciding where to install your pool some items to consider are: the architecture of the house, site constraints, views from the home, views from the neighbor’s home, privacy, and how the backyard will be used. Given the seasonality of residential pools in the Northern Virginia area we usually opt for a location where the pool can feel like a destination rather than the main focal point of the yard. In some cases, the architecture of the house demands that the pool be a more prominent feature. Sloping ground in the backyard can be another opportunity. Tucking a pool into a hillside could allow enough height for natural water features. Sometimes pool builders try to make waterfalls look natural, but this is hard to do since they’re coming out of nowhere. If your property slopes away from the house and you have great views that gives us the opportunity for infinity edges. Our contractors bring experience to commercial projects and can meet the challenges of any space.

Difficult Building Sites – In many cases, we will encounter difficult soils, backfilled slopes, or steep hills.  It is very important that you and your contractor have a good understanding of the type of dirt in your backyard; it is to your advantage to have soil tests and an engineering report before moving forward with a custom idea. Setbacks, distance from drain fields, and septic tanks are other factor that our designers take into consideration when creating plans for your backyard pool installation. Initial site analysis helps us work around design difficulties.

Size of Swimming Pool – It is important for you to understand the space around the pool and how it is going to be used. You want to make sure that your swimming pool is not too large for the amount of space that you have. Most people won’t spend the majority of their time in their in ground pool, so we’ll make sure that you have enough space for barbecuing, entertainment, landscaping, traffic space, dining, lounging and many other things that you want to have sharing the same space. Our design team will make sure that you get the right size that fits your family needs. You may also want to consider adding a spa or hydrotherapy pool to your backyard to increase the variety of activities available in your outdoor space.

Pool Depth – The depth of the pool is probably one of the most important things to think about, most people spend their time in the pool in 4-1/2 feet of water or lees. If your priorities include children, you may want more shallow areas so they can stand up easily in the water. If you have jumping-in areas such as rocks, slides, bridges, etc…  you need to consider the right depth for safety. If swimming laps is your thing, the length should be taken into consideration when we consider available pool designs.

Finishes – When it comes to finishes most companies will often give you the product they prefer to work with, and the client is not given a choice. We make sure that you’re given choices like fiberglass so the pool will reflect your tastes, and construction will only begin when you’re satisfied with our design.

Pool and Landscape lighting – when it comes to lighting we take in consideration the configuration of the swimming pool. We recommend lights to be installed on the sides, at the deep end away from the house to avoid glare. If you’re looking for dimming lights we recommend installing them more spread out so you can get more balance of light.  The interior color of the pool is also important. With a lighter pool, you’ll need fewer lights than with a darkly colored pool.  LED lighting a great option and they come in a wide selection of colors and effects to choose from.  Don’t forget about the landscape lighting to illuminate the area, patio lights, path lights, lighting in trees to down light areas and cast shadows of the trees on the pool. There are a lot of other options in addition to lights within the pool you’ll want to consider for making your backyard more enjoyable at night.

Ideas for Custom Backyard Pools and Spas