Northern Virginia Lawn Care Services

Residential Grounds Maintenance

Service available in Northern Virginia, McLean, Falls Church, Arlington, Vienna, Great Falls, VA

Our uniformed crews treat your yard as we would our own – making safety and your satisfaction our top priority. We believe the project is not complete until you are happy with the work.

We offer both fixed monthly and pay per service contracts and will tailor our level of landscape maintenance to your needs. We can create a program with simple mowing, leaf removal, and plant weeding or a complex plan to restore pH levels and restore your lawn’s natural beauty.

Lawn Care Services

If your turf is thin or so far gone from a winter of snow and seasonal stress and that you need to start over, we offer customized renovation services to give your lawn a fresh, clean look! We’ll prune away years of rampant growth and clear your lawn of plant matter and debris.

Soil Matching

Soil samples of your lawn are analyzed early to customize the perfect lawn care program for the year ahead.

Slice Seed

This process actually cuts through existing turf, putting the seeds directly in the soil, which increases germination.

Lawn Care Services

The high quality organic matter of our compost increases microbes that help break down thatch, improve soil structure and increase water absorption in spring, summer, and fall.

Adding a topdressing of pelletized compost to your aeration improves the effectiveness of our mulching and lawn care services even more.

If your soil is sandy and you don’t need aeration, compost topdressing is just as beneficial for your residential lawn.


This lawn maintenance program consists of seven visits per year
which include:

  • Slow-release fertilizing, based on your turf and soil type
  • Broadleaf weed and crabgrass control
  • Surface insect treatment and pest management as needed
  • Grub control as needed
  • Service calls as required

Seasonal Landscape Maintenance, Mowing, Pruning, Pest Management, Snow Removal

Maintenance Services

  • Lawn Renovation
  • Seasonal Aeration
  • Compost Top Dressing
  • Pest Management (IPM)
  • Snow Removal

Aeration benefits your lawn in many ways, especially by helping to improve air and water infiltration to your grass roots.

We may recommend once or twice a year services depending on whether your soil is heavy clay or your lawn is thatchy.

Integrated Pest

This program combines chemical treatments, cultural practices and biological controls to manage pests without damage to plants.

It is essential to be on top of pest outbreaks before the populations get out of control. Regularly scheduled field monitoring and pest record-keeping are the cornerstones of our IPM program.